New Moon Renewal Ritual and Crystal Cleansing - ASMR

CrinkleLuvin ASMR
Published 1 year ago

Best viewed with headphones!!!

Welcome back to the land of Garm'Nar Nar, home of Nyaaaaanyaaanyaaaa and Fannie Ticklebottom, our witchy and probably at least a *little* psychotic sisters. Fannie has always been doubtful of Nyaaaaanyaaanyaaaa's techniques and thus is taking it upon herself to make sure you are properly cleansed. Forgive her, but she is a bit on the judgmental side.

I made this video in it’s ridiculous style not only to give you asmr and have some fun but also as anxiety relief. I know personally when my anxiety is bad, humor that comes out of left field can help a lot with eliminating overthinking or hyperfocusing.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE REQUESTING MEDICAL VIDEOS: As I posted in the community tab, anyone else notice that Dr. Luvin has been missing ever since Blood Moon? (well, outside of an employee orientation video that was recorded long ago). Psycho surgeon took over her body and well, she hasn't been back since. Quite curious, isn't it? Perhaps we'll find out what has happened to Dr. Luvin on Halloween...............

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