Binaural Best Friend Personal Attention Whispering Hair Brushing Face Massage

Published 4 years ago


Touching hair/Mini hairbrushing: 0:00:46

Starting the facial: @ 0:05:19 :)

Facial wipes: 0:05:50

DHC Facial Cleansing oil: 0:08:09

More wipes: 0:11:20

SkinFood Peach Sake Emulsion: 0:13:09

Mizon Black Snail All in One Cream: 0:17:52

Full Hair Brushing Session ALL around you: 0:21:14

Giving you a fresh orchid to take home: 0:23:20

Face Brushing with 2 brushes: 0:33:26
So this is my first personal attention video! :D This is best friend roleplay, and it's meant to be unisex- for anyone with long hair- or really anyone who likes hair brushing sounds! :) I babble on and on about everything as I brush your hair- both sides AND back, and give you a nice long facial massage with facial wipes, a massage with oil, then I apply emulsion & cream. There is a real storm outside, and there were several other disturbances (random sounds I may or may not have cause :P I edited out- I also had issues with an angry bird, and some random background noise- I hope you forgive. I sincerely hope the editing is not distracting or unnerving for you and I very much hope this video brings you peace and comfort. :) Technical notes: I filmed with a Canon Mk IV @ about 18mm, recorded audio with a Zoom Hn4 Pro, then added more layers with the Zoom for the face massage- something **I really crave** in personal attention videos is for the layered sounds to match whats happening in real time as much as possible, so I made an extra effort to simulate the sound of me really touching your face! Next time I will do something better with the brushing sounds, as this is not so realistic as the face massage. Comments are much appreciated. I decide to leave all white noise, I tried both ways (sound remover tool/ noise reduction) - it just felt better to me totally natural. I hope you enjoy it. From my heart to you Xoxo

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