Binaural Esthetician ASMR Role Play: Skin Treatment, Facial & Scalp Massage From Twin Feathers Spa

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features...actually I'll just tell you all the steps. First, I am going to examine your skin, and cleanse your face and your eye area. I'm going to use a special rotary tool with two different attachments on your skin. Then I am going to use a special mist on your skin to begin treating it. I am going to apply a few layers of enzyme based exfoliant, and use a soothing roller ball treatment for your eyes. Then I am going to put a really nice steam treatment on you. My sister is then going to take over, and clean the exfoliants. She will give you a gentle but effective micro needle roller therapy treatment, followed by an application of the high frequency wand. Then she's going to apply an eye and face mask. While the mask sets, we are going to give you a scalp massage and a scalp treatment with the high frequency machine. Then my sister is going to apply a light mist to loosen the mask, she will remove the mask, clean off an residue, treat you with some calming mist, and apply care cream. I had some technical and klutzy difficulties with this one, but I hope it triggers you and makes you smile. Happy Viewing!
*WARNING: I am not a real Esthetician, and I am not a Dermatologist. While research did go into making this role play, it is fiction designed to trigger you, not treat your skin. I do not want anyone to follow anything I say in this role play as advice or instructions. Do not do any of the things I did to your skin in this fictional video without consulting a real professional. Ok? As Phil Defranco says, "I love yo faces."

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