360 Degrees of Sound: My Little Box of ASMR Tingles! No Talking, Pencil Writing

Brittany ASMR
Published 7 years ago

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Hey, everyone! I hope you all are doing extremely well today. ^_^ This video features my little box of ASMR tingles! This was a gift someone made for me (and it doubles as an ornament, I believe) and I wanted to give you guys a closer look because of how extremely relevant it is, haha. Unfortunately my microphone malfunctioned about halfway through and I ended up using my h4n to do the rest of the video; I can't tell a huge difference at all so it may not matter to everyone. I am in the process of fixing the problem, so for the next few videos I will be using my recorder on its own. I recorded the sound all the way around the mic and camera, and below and above it, too! I hope you might hear the difference in location of each item. ^_^

I always said I'd never really do a no-talking video, because I like to chat with my viewers during videos, however, this little box deserved to shine in the spotlight.

This video features a TON of trigger sounds, all of them fitting inside this cute little box! Well, almost all of them, I did write with a pencil that did not fit in this box, haha. SO there are metal sounds, chain sounds (also metal, but different), scratching and tapping, miniature rain stick sounds (falling beads), glass chirping, wood on wood sounds, sponge sounds, sandpaper sounds, fingernails on wood, a few instances of ear brushing and brush sounds, some really crinkly tissue paper sounds, and so on! I hope you'll check it out. :)

Thanks to Mark for making this ASMR box. I love it, and hopefully the people who watch this will love it, too.

Also, my handwriting is terrible so pay it no mind. Thanks for watching! New video on NYE, so I will see you soon!


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