ASMR Downsizing You (Medical Exam) Role Play

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Published 4 years ago

Welcome to the Downsizing Clinic.

Here, we offer the chance of a lifetime to make you a smaller version of yourself.

After downsizing, you will have the opportunity to start your life again in our amazing community that we have built just for people like you.

Downsizing is our solution to an over-populated world as you will be much smaller, meaning you can enjoy so much more out of life. Have more money, more space and more happiness.

Today, you will be embarking on the transition with us. We will be running through some logistics with you, then we will make sure we have checked your health and prepared you, including hair cutting, checking your vitals, teeth checking, ear checking, eye health and finally we will put you to sleep to administer the downsizing treatment.

I hope you enjoy your journey today with us :)


Hello again!

Thank you sooooo much to everyone for subscribing to me, it's been quite unexpected and so nice to receive and read all the lovely comments you guys have written :)

This video is based on the film Downsizing that I watched (and loved) and thought it would be a good excuse to do another medical. I'll do something different next time, any suggestions?

I want to apologise for some of the issues in the video that I'm still working on fixing for you (lighting & jumps due to cutting out my sneezes). I'm still getting my head around everything and will hopefully improve in each video.

Thank you for watching, I do hope you enjoy :)


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