Binaural 3D ASMR Compilation Of My Most Requested Ear to Ear Sounds, Redone For Your Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This binaural (3D) ASMR video features 15 mins of SKSKSK & KSKSKS, pop rocks, inaudible whispering, the words you've told me trigger you (ok, good, perfect, blink, pink, block, palpate, millions, she kept it, clock, tick tock), the helicopter/horse/drum noises I have made with my mouth, kiss sounds, blowing in your ears, and an experimental new sound. I filmed this during the day, so you have some cars/planes, some wind, and some crickets/summer bugs in the background. There is no accompanying video because these sounds all prove for very awkward footage, haha. I really hope this triggers you---a lot of you have been asking for something like this, and I didn't want to let you down. Please be careful with the volume---I am still getting the hang of how loud things are directly next to the mic (I kept my headphones at 35 when I was listening to the play back). Happy Viewing...errrrr, Happy Listening!

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Equipment used in this video:
Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone:
Master Series by Sound Professionals - In-Ear Binaural microphones:
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For those who need a quick fix:
1:28-11:29 Pop Rocks
11:30-16:10 Omnomnom, You're a Pizza! Sounds (Let me know if this works for's a little silly, but if it makes you tingle, then yay!)
16:55-26:00 Ear To Ear Fast Inaudible Whispering
26:01-41:39 Word Assortment: Ok, Good, Perfect, Palpate, Blink, Block, Pink, Clock, Tick Tock, She Kept It, Millions and Millions, Cricket
41:40-47:10 Mouth Made Sound Effects: Helicopter, Horse, Drums
47:11-51:47 Kiss Sounds In Your Ears
51:48-55:21 Blowing In Your Ears
55:22-1:10:53 SKSKSKSKS and KSKSKS

Microphone I use: Free Space Pro - Binaural Microphone

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