Raw Tingles: Effervescent Tabs, Plastic Grass Ball, Craft Fur - Binaural ASMR - Fizz & Scratching

Published 7 years ago

Hello, my friends and fellow Tingleheads, how art thou? I hope you're doing well! :) In this latest Raw Tingles video, I'll be playing with some fizzing antacid tablets in water, a decorative plastic grass ball (it reminds me slightly of the green moss ball from the first raw Tingles video), and some super soft and fluffy craft fur. So, please relax, enjoy, and hopefully get some tingles in. :)

I also want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my PixelWhipt YouTube channel and followed my PixelWhipt Twitter account. You guys are directly helping me launch this thing, you guys are helping me build this thing and I'm so grateful. I can't wait to share all sorts of cool content with you!! :D For those who are interested in subscribing to the channel and following on Twitter, here are the links:

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Common triggers included: fizzing sounds, scratching sounds, ear brushing

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