Raw Tingles: Morphix, Feathers, Moss Ball - Binaural ASMR - Soft Spoken, Clay, Brushing

Published 8 years ago

Hello, my fellow Tingleheads :) This is another new series I'm trying out, called "Tingles In The Raw". The point of this series is to keep things very minimalist and raw, with very little editing, and pure focus on trigger sounds and visuals. Each episode will include a second camera recording a "behind the scenes" perspective that will be woven into that episode's footage. Because one of my goals with this series is to keep it as unfiltered as possible, there will be a lot of things that will get through that usually would be edited out (stomach sounds, mistakes, etc.) I'm interested in discovering how this approach effects your ASMR. I hope this experiment works for you, let me know, and enjoy!

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Trigger Sections:

Morphix: 7:45
Feather: 29:07
Moss Ball: 44:30

Feather videos that have inspired me:

Heather Feather's
13 Binaural 3D ASMR Triggers: Sound Assortment Test For Relaxation And Sleep:

...Made just for you... ASMR 3D sound:

ASMR Whispering - Gentle Feather Relaxation (Soft Hand & Face petting):

ASMR Whispering and feather tickling:

Common triggers included: Soft Spoken, Crinkling, Scratching, Brushing, Ear to Ear

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