ASMR Muscle Relaxation Role Play ~ ASMR Whisper Personal Attention ~

Published 5 years ago

ASMR Muscle Relaxation Role Play ~ ASMR Whisper Personal Attention ~
Hello my new client! Today we are using our very specialized and high-tech electrotherapy muscle relaxer and pain relief machine to stimulate your tense and sore muscles. Some people report hearing sounds and feeling incredibly relaxed during the procedure. :)

Whispering starts once we enter the blue whisper room. :-)

Multilayered sounds and ASMR triggers: wooden tapping, crinkle (bubble wrap), and brushing.

Many thanks to my good friend TirarADeguello for the awesome light up fingers! Check out his ASMR videos!

~ Equipment Used ~ - blue 60-watt bulb - white powdered latex gloves - canon camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom recorder - binaural microphones


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Disclaimer: This is a fantasy medical procedure.

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