Time Travel Tuesday: Big League Chew - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Tracing, Crinkling, Whispering, Tapping

Published 8 years ago

Hello, fellow Tingleheads! On this week's Time Travel Tuesday, we head back to the '80's, when candy cigarettes and bubblegum tobacco weren't considered a "gateway" to anything but a good ol' time! This week's winner was Big League Chew, the sugary, shredded bubblegum of baseball lovers young and old!

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**WARNING: This video contains a small amount of gum chewing. If you would like to avoid (or jump to) this part of the video, here are the times: 35:38 - 39:38

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Common triggers included: soft spoken, whisper, tracing, crinkling, tapping, gum chewing

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