Time Travel Tuesday: Jellies - ASMR - Binaural, Soft Spoken, Tapping, Jelly Bean Sounds

Published 8 years ago

WARNING: This video contains some (light) eating sounds towards the end. If this isn't your thing, be advised that the eating sounds begin at 35:55.

Hi there, fellow Tingleheads! A couple of things:
1. Please forgive the tardiness of this video. As you may know, I am in the middle of a move and it's throwing my schedule a little out of whack. My apologies!
2. For some unknown reason (possibly to do with a phantom frequency in the room), the sound of this video went a little strange and echoey - I did what I could to edit it out, but it simply isn't as good as I would like. I apologize for this and sincerely hope you don't find it disruptive to your tingles!

Well, you voted for it so here it is: Jellies!! Now let's go back to the 80's, when Jellies first hit the map!

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Common triggers included: ear-to-ear, tapping, scratching, soft speaking, whispering, crinkling, jelly bean sounds, eating sounds

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