Time Travel Tuesday: DBZ - ASMR - Binaural, Soft Spoken, Ear to Ear, Tapping

Published 8 years ago

Happy Halloween, my fellow Tingleheads! The moving process has affected my shooting schedule this week, but 2 videos will still be released :) The first of which is this one, TTT: DBZ! Fans of that series have been working hard to get this video made since the start of Time Travel Tuesday, and now they have succeeded. I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a major DBZ fan who hooked me up with a plethora of original action figures from the series. So in this video I'll be sharing with you these action figures and everything I know about DBZ :) Enjoy!

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Intro Song:
Fluidscape by Kevin Macleod
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Common triggers included: Soft Spoken, Ear to Ear, Tapping

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