ASMR: *share my ears*~whispering

Published 7 years ago

11:29~stone tapping

Hi! This i a re-upload from the video from yesterday! There are some things a want to tell...
-First of all i flipped the audio so you hear it like you see it! :)

-Second: I'm very sorry for what i said in my other version of my video....(i deleted it in this one)
I didn't mean it like that! I just want to say that it's not fun (creepy) even tho some people don't want to say it that way, if you say that you missed me, or you love how i look or....
Because it's weird if an older man says so...(I don't say every older man is like that!!)
But please, think before you comment on my video if it could sound creepy...
Hint: type after you comment something like: don't want to sound creepy :)

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xxx Lisa


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