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Published 4 years ago

I really enjoy shopping online because it feels like a present when it comes in the mail. I also really enjoy watching these types of videos because that same joy and excitement people feel in the video gets transferred to me. In the back of the video you might see my sweet and sleepy dog , Yoda, wake up and look around a little groggy. I usually don't have my dogs in the video but he just looked so peaceful and comfortable sleeping that I decided to let him stay this time. I can not explain the love I have for my dogs Yoda and Yoshi. Chihuahuas tend to have a bad rap sometimes, but it's not true. They are loyal, intelligent, cuddly, affectionate, adventurous, good humored and much more. They might bark when you approach them in public but it's only because how much they are devoted to protect their person. So please be open minded when you meet a Chihuahua, they are actually just as amazing as other dogs, they are just puppy sized forever.They just take a little time to trust new people, which is actually a pretty smart trait to have. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope you find them relaxing. -Cosmic Tingles

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