Comforting Up Close ASMR Face Attention | Little Breaths

FerieMay ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Let me brush stuff on your face. :)

0:48 Warm Hands
4:56 A Feather
7:23 Little Windscreen
9:11 Face Brushes
10:43 Tinsel Balls
12:44 A Comb
16:15 A Fork
19:11 Wiping your face

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ASMR doesn’t work for everyone and it can be tough to imagine the sensation if you don’t experience it first-hand. For most people who do experience it, the blissful tingling starts up in the scalp and then makes its way through the body to the arms and legs. And as a result, it can trigger a feeling of relaxation before bedtime, which can help you overcome insomnia.


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