ASMR Tickling You with Close Ear to Ear Trigger Words🤩!😴💤 (English, Whispering, Fast)

Published 1 year ago

Hi! It's PPOMO and new video here! Well.. I tried new setting and I recorded this video twice but I'm not sure if it's succeed. I like tickling tingles from moving repeating trigger words whispering. I prepared about the 20 ones also I recorded 3 version with 3 languages so this is the first English version! I hope you like and enjoy them! Thanks for waiting and your patience. #ASMR #ASMRWhispering #ASMRTriggerWords

00:00 preview
02:26 sleep
03:31 lips
04:03 tickle
04:50 coconut
05:42 click
06:38 tktk
07:12 dot dot stipple
09:08 relax
09:38 scritch scritch scritches
10:53 lovely
11:39 om nom yum
13:36 sksk dusk musk tusk
15:11 meow
16:59 darling
18:36 heavy eyelids
20:04 clang
21:04 tap
22:33 bubbles blup
23:47 crunch chomp
25:05 snip snap chop clip
27:09 sticky
28:21 tick-tack tic-tac tick-tock
28:53 technical

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