ASMR Role play- ♕ Elf Queen healing spell ♛

Miss Chloe ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Brave warrior, you awake in Aranna’s kingdom after falling down through exhaustion on your travels. Allow her to to heal your broken spirit as you drift in and out of consciousness. Only when you can see the truth once more can your mission continue…

This video was massively inspired by an old 'small wonders ASMR' video ♥ Which is one of my favourites!

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A set of two NT1-A Microphone kits :
H4N Zoom recorder :
Canon 5D MK III :
Canon 24-70 f2.8L II USM lens:
Canon 50mm f1.4 :
Manfrotto 190xpro Tripod:
Manfrotto xpro 3 way head :
Lilliput 5D-II/O/P Field Monitor 7" :
A set of two boom arms:

Miss Chloe x


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