The ASMR Tag Video! (whispered)

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Published 4 years ago

Hi Blushies, Welcome to this tag video.
Thank you to EmiPerksASMR for tagging me!

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Tagged Channels-
ASMR Drops:
MattyTingles ASMR:
The Lune INNATE:

1. What is your name/ channel name?
2. When is the first time you remember experiencing ASMR?
3. When/how did you first discover ASMR videos on youtube?
4. What was the first ASMR video you saw?
5. What video did you fall asleep to last night?
6. What are your favorite triggers?
7. Do you watch male or female asmrtists?
8. What are some popular triggers you feel are not relaxing?
9. What are some asmrtists whose videos make you excited for bedtime?
10. What are your favorite role-plays to watch?
11. What's your favorite video or role-play you've made?
12. What made you start an ASMR channel?
13. What camera / mic do you use?
14. How / when do you get IRL ASMR?
15. Do you give yourself ASMR when you make / edit your videos?


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