Binaural ASMR Reiki Role Play With Guided Breathing Exercise And A Singing Bowl For Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hello everyone! Please wear headphones to experience the 3D audio effects. This ASMR video features: Reiki hand movements, personal attention, a singing bowl, headphones over your ears, soft speaking, ear cupping/ear covering, telephone voice, and my "fancy announcer voice." :P I am not a practitioner of Reiki---I am just a girl trying to trigger your ASMR and help you relax with different techniques---so please do not use this video to replace or serve as any kind of medical treatment (and always consult a qualified professional with inquires concerning your health and safety---I am not at all qualified :P). Reiki role plays almost always hit me right in the ASMR, and when I was under the weather in the summer, a lot of Reiki love was sent my way, so I tried to be as accurate and respectful as possible while still trying to trigger your face off. Happy Viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
0:40-1:19 Headphones Over Your Ears
1:20-5:55 Telephone Voice In Fancy Announcer Voice
1:29-7:15 Singing Bowl
2:26-5:36 Guided Breathing Exercise
7:19-10:19 Scanning Your Body With My Hands
10:20-16:11 Sweeping Your Negative Energy Away
12:02-14:49 Pulling Negative Energy Out Of You And Blowing It Away
16:12-18:38 Soft Spoken Reiki Principals
18:39-19:45 Reiki Hand Symbols
20:46-25:15 Reiki Treatment of Eyes, Ears, And Head
22:34-24:03 Ear Cupping aka Ear Covering

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