You are the Evidence: A Forensic Investigation Binaural ASMR Role Play

Published 7 years ago

**Disclaimer** Just to clarify, you are not a body being investigated in this role play, you are an object that is a piece of evidence linked to an investigation. I noticed a few people thought they were supposed to be a body, but that is not correct. If you watch the end of the video, the item that you are is shown. Also, for anyone confused by the ending, here's a link to a past video of mine that will provide context: :)

Hello, my friends and fellow Tingleheads! I'm excited to be back with a new role play after some time away, due to some really exciting things I currently have in the works! I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you very soon!

In this video, YOU are an important item that is evidence in an ongoing case that requires some up-close investigation!

Trigger sections:
0:30 intro/crinkle bag
1:25 glove sounds
2:20 follow-the-light
3:57 swabbing w/ q-tips
8:23 lens brushing/mic brushing
14:33 typing sounds
16:47 sticky tape sounds/more typing sounds

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Common triggers included: ear-to-ear, soft-speaking, soft singing, whispering, crinkling, follow-the-light, close personal attention, sticky sounds, lens brushing, glove sounds, typing sounds, (minor) drinking sounds.

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