ASMR mic cover scratching + other random tapping & scratching triggers :)

Published 4 days ago

0:00-1:12 mic cover scratching
1:12-2:19 Amazon Kindle tapping&scratching
2:19-3:51 Tapping&scratching on textured bag + zipper sounds
3:51-5:03 ASMR book sounds / paper sounds skimming
5:03-6:34 planner tapping&scratching plus zipper sounds
6:34-7:30 Girl Scout cookies box tapping (thin mints)
7:30-9:21 wooden mortar and pestle set sounds
9:21-10:04 Tapping on butane bottle
10:04-10:49 Talking to you guys in outro ❤️😘subscribe for more!

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