ASMR Tongue Clicking, Whisper-to-Soft Spoken Ear to Ear Blanket Show and Tell | MagnetG

Brittany ASMR
Published 4 years ago

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Hey, everyone! I had originally planned this video to be released over the weekend, but then my camera or SD card malfunctioned and all of the video files were totally corrupted! I had to re-film them, and I’m afraid the first time around was probably better, but I really liked the audio so I chose to do it this way. I hope you all are still able to enjoy it! My camera has been giving me a LOT of trouble lately, so please forgive all the weird changes in color and strange cuts. It would only record a minute of footage at a time.

I have set a date for the virtual baby shower, and that will be on March 24th & 25th (release date). I have shared my registry link near the top of this post, and would be honored if you feel like participating! More information is on my Instagram page, and the link for that is also above. :) I show some of the baby clothes I got from my mother in law at the end of this video, and before that, I show you a blanket I recently was sent by Magnet G, which is a plush yet heavy weighted blanket that also includes magnet therapy!

In this video:
I reviewed the Magnet G blanket, and I personally really like it! My husband loves it too and hogs it at night. The company has given me a 7% discount code for my subscribers. If you decide to purchase, use the Discount Code - BRITTANY


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