Time Travel Tuesday: Friends TV Show - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Whisper, Drinking Tea, Ceramic Tapping

Published 8 years ago

'Ello, Tingleheads! **As mentioned in this video, next next week's video will be 80's themed! So, vote with a comment below for your favorite 80's nostalgia you want me to feature!**

On this week's Time Travel Tuesday, we go back a decade and a bit to Manhattan in the nineties, where apparently a bunch of broke 20-somethings could afford to live in a huge, purple-walled, awesome apartment we all (still) dream of inhabiting. Or is that just me? It's the beloved NBC sitcom, "Friends"!

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Common triggers included: soft-speaking, whispering, drinking tea, tapping, tracing, mindful movements

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