Return of the Ghost - Act II: The Chamber [ ASMR Phantom of the Opera Fan-fiction ]

Ephemeral Rift
Published 5 years ago

This was a last minute, spontaneous idea that just bubbled up from my subconscious so I decided to make it Act II of Return of the Ghost. I don't like doing back-to-back videos like this, but I'm a puppet on strings and I do what my unconscious mind orders me to do. This is part viewer requests for writing in a book, part idea regarding who The Ghost might actually be, or perhaps, was at one time. I'll leave that all up for you to decide. The Ghost also needs a quill pen. If you notice, unfortuantely, I had to make do with a regular pencil that I broke small enough to try and hide since I didn't have something that would fit the scene.

Pleasant dreams...

- E.R.

Additional background sounds below from used under a Creative Commons Attribution License:

Cave Drips by everythingsounds

Cavern soundscape by Argitoth

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