Twin Feathers Spa Binaural ASMR Role Play: Dark Feather's Accessory Nook

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 6 years ago

Hello everyone! In this ASMR video, you will find: Dark Feather, telephone voice, soft speaking, blanket fort sounds, fabric sounds, and crunchy sounds. In this video, Dark Feather was put in charge of the accessory section of Twin Feathers Spa---but she has an interesting approach to making a sale...Happy Viewing!
PS. I filmed this four times because of a buzzing in my audio. I discovered that I need to replace some of my lights I use for my vids. Because of this, I ended up filming in my bathroom---which is very cramped---so I tripped over the 9 tripod legs multiple times. So if you see a slight background change---that was the result of me bumping into something. Also, I know my twin's bangs are longer than usual---she needs a haircut. Coincidentally, I need one too. Gosh, we are so alike sometimes.

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Sooooo many people asked to buy Dark Feather's ringtone , but since I have no idea how to make ringtones, I've made it available for free as an mp3 (each download gets you two versions of the ringtone, one with music and another without music). However, if you still wish to purchase it, you can pay whatever you feel is fair. Purchases are not necessary, but are definitely appreciated.

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