A Korean girl ASKS you very random questions in 52 Languages 😎

슬린 Slyn ASMR
Published 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone! I’m back with the 16th multi language ASMR :)
As it’s already 16th, it’s hard to decide what kind of multi language ASMR should I make haha
Then I thought about asking some questions to my subscribers and some random passengers on this side of the internet 🤔
So yeah I’m here to ask you 3 random questions, it can be just some kind of casual questions or something very unexpected.
Enjoy my video and please write down some fun and interesting (or maybe sad? anything is fine) responses in the comment section!
Thanks for watching my video and see you next time!

Preview 00:00:00
Intro 00:02:37
Korean 00:04:53
English 00:06:30
Japanese 00:07:59
Spanish 00:09:14
French 00:10:27
Russian 00:11:51
Indonesian 00:13:08
Vietnamese 00:14:29
Thai 00:15:51
Arabic 00:17:18
Chinese 00:18:43
Polish 00:20:03
Portuguese 00:21:38
Czech 00:23:06
Turkish 00:24:21
Malay 00:25:52
German 00:27:25
Italian 00:28:47
Greek 00:30:16
Dutch 00:31:34
Finnish 00:32:48
Danish 00:34:11
Swedish 00:35:35
Bulgarian 00:37:02
Irish 00:38:30
Albanian 00:39:53
Persian 00:41:19
Latvian 00:42:42
Ukrainian 00:44:14
Nepali 00:45:56
Hawaiian 00:47:27
Serbian 00:48:45
Norwegian 00:50:09
Tagalog 00:51:39
Estonian 00:53:07
Urdu 00:54:40
Hindi 00:56:04
Bangla 00:57:24
Romanian 00:58:49
Croatian 01:00:23
Uzbek 01:01:54
Kazakh 01:03:19
Mongolian 01:04:41
Belarusian 01:06:09
Georgian 01:07:40
Azerbaijani 01:09:10
Armenian 01:10:37
Slovak 01:12:05
Hungarian 01:13:32
Burmese 01:15:00
Kyrgyz 01:16:20
Lithuanian 01:17:48
Outro 01:19:21
Bonus clip ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ 01:20:18


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