ASMR Positive Affirmation Meditation for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 9 years ago

Hello everyone. This video was a spur of the moment endeavor. I was originally set to film a new role play, but my conscience got the better of me. I have been receiving very honest and heartfelt messages since after Thanksgiving from people expressing their struggles with going through tough times. I had also noticed many people on facebook were melancholy as well. This past week, my inbox messages spiked with people reaching out, so I put this together. I don't know how effective this will be---at the very least I hope it triggers you and helps you sleep---but I also hope you can take something more away from it. There is whispering, panning, soft speaking, the stone butterfly, and wood mallet tapping in this. Happy viewing...errrr, listening. :)

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