Time Travel Tuesday: Classroom Nostalgia Role Play - Binaural ASMR - Back Tracing, Ear to Ear

Published 10 years ago

Hiya, fellow Tingleheads! Last week I asked you all to vote for your favorite childhood ASMR experiences for me to base a role play on. The most popular votes all seemed to involve early classroom settings, especially the relaxing voice of a teacher and friends drawing pictures on your back. So I decided to combine the top votes into this role play. In this video I play 2 roles, alternating between your teacher and your classmate. Please note that this video was a bit of an experiment for me, in part because it was my first time using the new binaural microphone, and also due to the way it was shot. So I hope you enjoy this little deviation from my routine. Sweet dreams, time travelers :)

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Common triggers included: soft spoken, whisper, ear to ear, personal attention

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