Tutorial Tingles: Jack Skellington Halloween Cake Pops (Binaural ASMR, Soft Spoken, Whispered)

Published 8 years ago

Hello my friends and fellow Tingleheads!! I have a new Tutorial Tingles for you while I'm completing my newest role play. In this video, I'll be fluctuating between soft speaking and whispering while making some Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Cake Pops for Halloween. I bake them from scratch and there are a surprising amount of tingly sounds that can result from baking sweet treats. So, if you end up preparing these for yourself or guests at a Halloween Party, please show me your results on Facebook and Twitter! I hope you find this video tingly and relaxing, and hopefully it doesn't make you too hungry! Bon Appétingles, my friends!

The link to the blog where I learned about this recipe can be found here: http://goo.gl/c24O6c

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Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, tapping

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