Tutorial Tingles: My Everyday Makeup Look - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Mindful Movements, Tapping

Published 8 years ago

Hello, my fellow Tingleheads :) This is the first episode of a new idea I'm trying out called "Tutorial Tingles". In which, I do tutorials and DIY projects that you have either requested or I think you'd like, that have tingly potential :) I must admit, I was nervous about this one, because it required me to be on camera without any makeup, but I have received a lot of requests for a tutorial for my everyday makeup look. Most ladies out there can attest, being makeup-free in front of a bunch of people can make us feel like we're in a vulnerable position. It's an unfortunate feeling, but a real one. Anyway, I thought I'd step outside of my comfort zone and give it a shot! I hope you enjoy this idea! :)

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Common triggers included: soft spoken, mindful movements, tapping, focused tasks, whispering

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