Raw Tingles: Miniatures, Peel Off Mask, Rice Krispies - Binaural ASMR - Soft Spoken

Published 8 years ago

Note: If you are experiencing resolution quality issues with this video, try changing the resolution of the video in the app you're using, this has worked for people. Apparently, the video is defaulting on a quality lower than 360p for some people. Just select a resolution at 360p or greater, that should do the trick! :)

Hello, friends & fellow Tingleheads :) I'm currently working on a new role play that I'm pretty excited about, so look out for that! In this Raw Tingles, I will be tapping together and showing off some really cute miniature items. I will also be applying a facial mask to my hand and peeling it off, it made some great sounds! Lastly, I'll be pouring a bowl of Rice Krispies and doing some ear to ear snap, crackle, and popping sounds. Enjoy! :)

Here's a link to ASMRvelous's miniatures video that I talked about in this video, she's fantastic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlw_KkGu7Vc

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Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, pouring sounds, tapping, scratching, crinkling

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