Raw Tingles: Candy Fan, Puffy Stickers, Tinsel (Binaural ASMR, Soft Speaking, Ear to Ear Sounds)

Published 9 years ago

Hello my friends and fellow Tingleheads :) I've returned from my business trip and I've got a fresh new batch of Raw Tingles for you. In this video, I share 3 items with you: A candy filled toy Captain America fan, a package of puffy Wizard of Oz stickers, and some reflective tinsel. The sounds included range from ear to ear wind sounds, sticky fingers, tapping, crinkling, and rustling. I hope this video provides both tingles and relaxation for you. Enjoy! :)

Video sections:
1.) Candy Toy Fan: 4:47
2.) Puffy Stickers: 20:15
3.) Tinsel: 36:40

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Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, ear to ear, tapping

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